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HYGEIA Hospital is the first large Private Hospital that has operated in Greece since 1974, and is currently one of the largest private hospital units in our country.

It was founded in 1970 by a group of Greek physicians; their aim was creating a model hospital in Greece. HYGEIA Hospital has gradually alleviated the shortcomings of the Greek National Health System. HYGEIA Hospital throughout its thirty-plus years of operation continues to lead the way; its main objective is the provision of high quality services and the development of an integrated network of Health services in Greece and abroad.

HYGEIA was the first hospital in Greece to undertake a heart transplant operation, the first to treat an HIV patient, and the first throughout Europe to carry out implantation of radioactive particles in prostate cancer. In addition, the successful separation of Siamese twins in May 1989 provided two people with an independent personal life.

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HYGEIA Hospital
offers among others:

  • A unique gamma-KNIFE Brain Radiosurgery Department in Greece, with Leksell Gamma Knife® PerfexionTM
  • The first PET-CT (Positron Emission Tomography) Department in Greece
  • A fully equipped Radiation Oncology Centre with modern robotic Linear Accelerators (ELEKTA Axesse, Synergy, Platform)
  • A state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit as well as an Intermediate Care Unit
  • One of the most modern Organ Transplant Units (bone marrow)
  • A One-Day Surgery Unit (ODS)
  • The largest Department of Interventional Neuroradiology and Cerebral Aneurysm Embolization.
  • The unique Da Vinci®S Robotic Surgery System, 
  • A most advanced Neurosurgical System: Robot-assisted microscope PENTERO connected to neuronavigation system Stealth Station for brain tumour resection
  • A One Day Treatment Center

Hygeia’s Hospital's primary goal remains the provision of high quality services at the cutting edge of medical science and technology, as well as the development of an integrated network of Health Services both in Greece and abroad. This is demonstrated by its decision to join forces with MITERA and LΕTO, by a series of major strategic investment initiatives in Greece, Cyprus and South-eastern Europe, and also by fostering the agreement to construct the first private hospital of Albania (Hygeia Hospital Tirana).


HYGEIA Hospital has
earned Joint Commission
International’s Gold Seal
of Approval
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  U.S. Representatives :
Manos & Kelly Alexandrakis

(Toll-Free  for USA & Canada)   1-855-942-8767
(International Number)   001-312-985-5646
Cell   847.877.0602

E-mail :
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Ημιθέα - Ιατρικός τουρισμός στην Ελλάδα30, 1st May Str.
K. Kifissia, 14561
Athens, Greece

Contact us :
(International Number)  001-312-985-5646
(Toll-Free  for USA & Canada)  1-855-942-8767
Cell  +30 6977 41 81 61

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.