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Imithea - Medical tourism in Greece specialists - FAQ


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Why should I choose Imithea?

Imithea’s people, after many years of experience in “patient management”, through various health care providers in Greece as well as abroad, decided to join their forces, together with the scientific support of the associated doctors, creating the unique company existed in Greece, exclusively practicing in  “Medical Tourism Patient Management”. But most important is that..
... Imithea will not make any additional charges for the services provided to you. Your cost, is totally related with the hospital and treatment expenses as well as the cost of your holidays (hotels, food, tickets etc)

Is there any risk?

Risk is reduced to minimal in our modern clinics with state of the art technology in hands of experts. Moreover Imithea’s people will always be next to you.

Is there an interpretation service?

Imithea, will provide, interpretation services for your needs, free of charge!

How do you organize my free time?

Our closely associated travel agencies, best ones, will amaze you with their ideas in organizing enough extraordinary touristy destinations in conjunction of course with your treatment plan.

Do you ensure the accommodation of my escorts?

Our team will ensure your escorts’ accommodation. We will always be at their disposal.

What is the booking process?

Look at the medical specialties given in our site and fill in the form for your case accordingly and we will come back to you with details.

Where do I stay after the treatment?

Hotels of various classes, close to the clinic, can be offered.

Do I remain in hospital for a while before I go to the hotel?

Your hospital stay duration is related with the treatment plan, set by your medical team, which could be a few hours to a number of days.
Depending on your condition, you might need to stay also in the hotel for a while. An appointment with your doctor will be also arranged at the end, for the final check and instructions.

What if any contamination occurrs or get sick while I am at my hotel?

Our continued presence together with our high level health care team almost annihilates any potential chances. Despite all this, the hotel will be located close to the clinic, in case of any immediate intervention that might be required.

Will I be getting in touch with the doctor at any time?

Yes, there will be a constant communication with the doctor.

What does your company organize and what is the cost?

Our company, Imithea, is organizing all the appropriate arrangements, targeted to medical services and treatments, hotels and touristic plans to be combined with the patient’s free time.
The cost is closely related to the type of treatment as well as the type and duration of the holidays provided. The above cost will be budgeted in the best possible approach.

What happens if any complication arises after the treatment?

An acute intervention will be performed by our people together with the medical team to effectively solve the problem. All necessary medical documents will accompany you, on your return home. Once is deemed to be necessary, we will further assist by connecting your physicians at home with our medical team.

How can I be sure that the surgeons are qualified?

Imithea's associated doctors have been selected as particular qualified ones, with excellent education as well as trained and work abroad (England, France, Germany, Sweden, USA) in combination with their excellent professional career. On the other hand the associated medical centers and clinics are high standard with leading-edge equipment without lacking, to any of those advanced medically countries.

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(Toll-Free  for USA & Canada)   1-855-942-8767
(International Number)   001-312-985-5646
Cell   847.877.0602

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Ημιθέα - Ιατρικός τουρισμός στην Ελλάδα30, 1st May Str.
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Athens, Greece

Contact us :
(International Number)  001-312-985-5646
(Toll-Free  for USA & Canada)  1-855-942-8767
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