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Ophthalmic Surgery and Ophthalmoplasty in Imithea - Medical Tourism in Greece. Medical treatment plan.What the world would be like in front of your eyes with a faulty vision? Would you ever think to correct or improve your vision with a laser eye surgery or proceed in the appropriate therapy in combination with your holidays, all resulted a reasonable to low, comparatively, cost?...

Or even continue with an aesthetic, ophthalmoplasty or facial, surgery?


Imithea could offer to you the opportunity to obtain both, correction and holidays, in an excellent clinic environment, equipped with state of the art technology, spending your free time on holidays in a number of top class destinations like the Aegean islands or Athens by the sea or by night. Find out the ancient Greek civilization in Acropolis or elsewhere.


Leading experts in the field of ophthalmology, ophthalmic surgery or aesthetic ophthalmoplasty surgery, working for one of the best clinics in Europe, fully equipped with the latest technology especially in laser eye surgery. All surgeons have been trained abroad (Europe and USA) and have received all those credentials rendering them pioneers in their own scientific area.

As we always say in Imithea, your treatment options will be approximately budgeted, so you will always be in control.


Please consider that under one specialty “Ophthalmology”, 20 subspecialties are running in our cooperating clinic.


Treatment options : Ophthalmoplasty:


  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Ceratoid
  • Refractive surgery with Laser
  • Retina - Vitreous
  • Macula
  • Paid ophthalmology – Strabismus
  • Retinopathy of prematurity – Orthoptiko
  • Eye Oncology
  • Eye inflammation
  • Neuroophthalmology
  • Aesthetic Ophthalmoplasty
  • Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are treated with refractive operations with two state-of-the-art Excimer lasers and the latest high-tech bladeless Lasik. All kinds of Excimer Laser refractive procedures (PRK, LASIK, LASEK and Epi-LASIK with Wavefront or Topoguided ablations) are covered.
  • Procedures for presbyopia reduction (Presbylasik, monovision etc.).
  • P.R.G.F. Platelet Rich Growth Factor

  • Couperose
  • Wrinkles – foot of the goose
  • Xanthelasma
  • Smoker’s wrinkles
  • Eyelid lump
  • Facial lump
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hairs hypertrophy
  • Scar removal
  • Tumors removal (no scalpel and stitching) with Radiofrequencies R/F, Yalorouniko acid, Botox, Peeling.


Departments :


  • Ocular inflammations – technical vision
  • Neuroophthalmology of contact lenses
  • Eye histopathology
  • Eye genetic
  • Eye immunology
  • Eye microbiology
  • Low vision aids
  • Ophthalmoplasty


Feel comfortable with :

  • Highly trained multilingual staff
  • Transfer services available
  • After surgery care instructions and support provided
  • The most complete and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Staff is constantly informed and trained mainly abroad and meets all the necessary credentials in ophthalmology.
  • Special sterile room for the performance of special intravitreous injections.
  • Special operating rooms for refractive surgery with lamellar flow installation, where   safe procedures are even safer.

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There will be an immediate response to your inquiry by our people.

We will then undertake all the administration, paperwork, all necessary arrangements to make sure your decision is properly taken. The cost will be budgeted.

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