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Imithea - Medical Tourism in GreeceIt is obesity that creates problems, mainly in your health status, secondly in your silhouette.

All you need is to be assisted and lose weight fast. We, in Imithea, suggest one more step...  

Bariatric surgery as a choice, that will help you meet your weight goal, protecting you at the same time from taking back any of your weight loss that might drive you in your old shape.

Not only to help you to get the figure that makes you feel comfortable within healthy limits, but offer you the most relaxing way possible, preparing your holidays in Greece, both in one package.

A number of excellent destinations can be scheduled by our cooperative agents for your holidays to be combined with your treatment, and give you the deep taste of Athens by night or by the sea together with classical beauties or even some fantastic islands only a breath away, helping you for a nice and easy recovery.



A high standard clinic with state-of-the-art technology and surgery facilities, will undertake your case on a complete therapeutic program, internationally recognized for its standards, set by the European Accreditation Council for Bariatric surgery, Obesity and Metabolism Disorders.

Hundreds of Bariatric procedures are performed each year in our clinic. Our high level specialists will take care of your case, making sure you receive the appropriate therapy.

Follow up of course, is also available and your electronic records can be forwarded to your surgeon at home as well as a copy of your medical file.


Treatment options:

  • Laparoscopic surgery – gastric sleeve
  • Gastric sleeve surgery is considered as the best therapeutic path available today. The procedure includes removal of a part of the stomach taking it away, thus reducing its total size. It is also performed Laparoscopically with no cuts, no major scars. Hospital stay after the operation is maximum 3 days.
  • Laparoscopic Gastric Imbrication or Gastric Plication
  • Though this procedure works similarly to the gastric sleeve and reduces the size of the stomach, in this case no part of it is taken away. Permanent stitches are put thus reducing the total size of the stomach. This is also a laparoscopic procedure. The average stay in the hospital is 24 hours.
  • Intraluminal - Intragastric surgery
  • Endoscopic surgery
  • Laparoscopic-Endocrine - Obesity surgery - Oncological laser
  • Hepatectomy-RF


Feel comfortable with :

  • Experienced multilingual staff
  • State of the art medical equipment and 24 hour care for a range of specialists as your treatment takes place in a fully equipped hospital
  • No need to go elsewhere for diagnostic tests, scans etc as all the medical services your require are under one roof.
  • You can choose between a single, double or triple room for your hospital stay.
  • Easily accessible locations and transfer services available.
  • The latest technology equipment to aid correct diagnosis and treatment.
  • Follow up care and electronic submission of your test results along with assistance with your weight loss plan after surgery.


Make your booking – find out your cost

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There will be an immediate response to your inquiry by our people.

We will then undertake all the administration, paperwork, all necessary arrangements to make sure your decision is properly taken. The cost will be budgeted.

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